Made with paws in Russia

Made with paws in Russia

Posted By: Ariel Published: 24/10/2018 Times Read: 2006 Comments: 1

In December 2017, a woman from the USA contacted us and asked where she could buy a T-shirt with Ariel on it. Our eyes widened. We never expected to be asked this! We politely replied that we had nothing like this so far. We answered her and forgot about it. About a week later, a similar question came from a subscriber from Indonesia. It all happened again. Then again, again... And only in February 2018 it hit us! LET'S DO IT!

For several months we’ve been looking for fabrics, factories, and illustrators. And if we decided on fabrics quickly - we simply chose the best and most soft, it took us 4 months to make the right template for future T-shirt. It turned out that it’s not so easy to carry out our plans, because we wanted to control the whole process from top to bottom. This is not just merchandise, not a collaboration, not just purchase of ready-made T-shirts and prints, it is a full-fledged production with our personal choice of all materials, images and manufacturers. We love you, our dear followers very much, you are always honest with us, you share only sincere emotions, so we want to do something real for you. By ourselves, with all our hearts. Since tailoring is not our strong point, (we would probably accidentally sew our hands to our feet) we handed this stage over to the specialists. Aside from that you can be sure, that Ariel, Egor and Ksenia got their paws on everything! :)

P.S. We do not guarantee the absence of Ariel’s fur on T-shirts, since she took the most active part in their development! Oh, it’s just a joke! :) But we are not sure.


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